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Healthcare Professionals (HCP) compliance with necessary vaccinations ensures the uninterrupted operational continuity of Oaklawn and leads by example in the health and safety of the community we serve. COVID-19 and Influenza are required vaccinations at Oaklawn, EEOC exemption requests will be considered. Please consider this before applying for positions.

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Pharmacy Technician - Pharmacy

Job Summary:  Under general supervision of a licensed pharmacist, and in accordance with standard departmental procedures, prepare medications for patient consumption.


Essential Functions:

  • Consistently uses an outward mindset and puts forth exemplary effort in accomplishing his/her goals and objectives in a manner that helps others to achieve their goals and objectives.
  • Assists the pharmacist with the handling of telephone calls and triage calls appropriately and receives assignments from Pharmacists.
  • Checks all orders and deliveries for completeness, accuracy, and proper labeling.
  • Performs delivery and pickup of medications to secure areas in a timely manner.
  • Performs unit inspections checking for all nonconformities, keeps record of inspections, and communicates with charge nurse/nurse manager and pharmacist of any identified issues.
  • Ensures adequate stock of sterile equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and all non-pharmaceuticals.
  • Prepackages bulk medications into unit dose packaging for dispensing to patients and maintains accurate and appropriate records in the Packaging Machine.
  • Proactively prepackages specialty kits used throughout the hospital.
  • Prepares outpatient prescriptions to be dispensed after pharmacist approval in accordance with pharmacy law and standards of pharmacy practice.
  • Appropriately address pharmaceutical recalls in a timely manner.
  • Inventories, checks, and maintains correct expiration dates upon refill of Automated Dispensing Machines. Proactively addresses short-dated product by removing from machine and marking for immediate use in high moving areas.
  • Isolates any nonconforming product (expired, recalled, broken, unusable) to identified area.
  • Maintains appropriate stock and dates in ancillary medication servers such as crash carts, EMS bags, RSI boxes.
  • Demonstrates ability to address and mitigate drug shortages.
  • Reorders medications/supplies on appropriate accounts (340B, GPO, WAC) through wholesaler, direct accounts, and specialty suppliers.
  • Appropriately checks in deliveries, checks against packing slip and/or invoice, barcode scans in all appropriate computer systems and places medications/supplies in appropriate storage areas.
  • Performs pharmacy physical inventory as appropriate.
  • Maintains accuracy of controlled substance counts, addressing and/or explaining all discrepancies in a timely manner.
  • Appropriately and accurately orders, invoices, and bills pharmacy supplied medications/supplies for all hospital owned clinics and physician offices.
  • Bills and credits in a timely manner any additional medication doses using appropriate computer systems.
  • Maintains effective and courteous communication with department directors, managers, pharmacists, technicians, and all hospital personnel.


Minimum Qualifications:  Active Michigan Pharmacy Technician license.


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:  Able to work accurately under stress and with time interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with personnel and visitors.  Able to operate computer programs, troubleshoot, and resolve system issues; must have strong organizational skills.


Working Conditions:  May be exposed to infectious waste, diseases, conditions, etc., including the AIDS and Hepatitis B viruses.  Must wear appropriate personal protective equipment as required in sterile areas.


Physical Requirements:   Constantly stand, walk, reach, see/visual acuity, handle/grasp/feel, talk/hear, lift/carry 1 to 25 lbs.  Frequently push/pull, bend/twist, stoop/kneel/crouch, lift/carry 25 to 49 lbs.  Occasionally lift/carry 50+ lbs.

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