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PACS Administrator

Job Summary: Plays an essential role in defining radiology workflows, re-engineering radiology workflows, and enabling radiology workflows with the right technology. 


Essential Functions:

  • Consistently uses an outward mindset and puts forth exemplary effort in accomplishing his/her goals and objectives in a manner that helps others to achieve their goals and objectives.
  • Ensures that Radiologist workload is even throughout the day with the monitoring of interfaces and other integrated systems. 
  • Continually monitors the health of the PACS by monitoring interfaces, integrated systems, inbound and outbound RIS links, backlog ques and other required system maintenance as outlined by the vendor and according to written policies and procedures. 
  • Resolves proactively any potential system issues by monitoring system health and functionality and performing maintenance.
  • Ensures data quality and automate data flow whenever possible to remove clerical errors.  Responsible for bringing new modality and equipment on line to PACS, along with a strong understanding of radiology workflow. 
  • Works closely with the modality Lead Technologists to identify the current workflow and make improvements when efficiencies and/or problems are identified. 
  • Uses radiation safety measures and protection devices to comply with government regulations and to ensure safety of patients and staff. 
  • Repairs examinations with incorrect status in PACS, correcting misidentified patient examinations implement standards for competency based training, define roles and privilege levels for users with administrative rights to the PACS, and document and track all users involved with the manual intervention of Radiology examinations residing in PACS. 
  • Progressively grows the PACS system to meet the growing needs of the organization.
  • Coordinates the training, creation of training materials, documentation process within the PACS and communicate to all stakeholders.
  • Develops clearly defined testing plans when implementing a new instrument or modality, including both technical and image quality assessments along with formalized sign off protocols before connections are confirmed, when acceptable.
  • Reviews, updates and approves all policies and procedures related to PACS. 


Minimum Qualifications: Associate’s Degree in X-ray Technology or related field.


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:  Two years previous experience. Strong organization skills along with knowledge and ability in project management, writing, interpersonal and organizational communication.  Ability to constantly work with and support all stakeholders within and outside the realm of radiology; Must be highly motivated with excellent work ethic and flexibility to adapt to the constant changes associated with emergent technologies and the customer service challenges surrounding stakeholder support. Knowledge of the hospital information system and radiology information system.  An understanding of health level 7 (HL7), digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM) standards. Firsthand knowledge of flow in each radiology modality including scheduling, registering, ordering, performing, reporting, billing and clinician access. 


Working Conditions:  May be occasionally exposed to hazardous materials or infectious diseases.


Physical Requirements:  Constantly see/visual acuity, handle/grasp/feel, talk/hear.  Frequently sit, walk.  Occasionally lift/carry 1 to 49 lbs.

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