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Advanced (Primary Paramedic)


JOB TITLE: Advanced (Primary) Paramedic (SAFETY SENSITIVE POSTION)

REPORTS TO: Field Operations Supervisor

FLSA CLASS: Non-Exempt/Hourly

REVISED DATE: February 1, 2018


The mission and purpose of this position are to compassionately deliver high-quality service and basic, as well as advanced patient care in a professional, caring manner.

SPECIAL NOTE: This job has been designated as a Safety Sensitive Position by MedStar. Public safety, as well as the safety of MedStar employees, requires that the employee in this position be able to perform all essential functions at the highest levels at all times. Therefore, this position is subject to frequent drug testing and requires reporting of all employee use of High Risk Medications identified by MedStar and certification from the employee’s physician that such medications can be safely used while working. Because MedStar’s ability to deliver emergency medical response depends on having a workforce that can be reliably scheduled, this job also requires regular and reliable attendance. This is a high-stress job that requires focus, engagement, and high performance in traumatic, physically demanding, emotionally charged, and life-threatening situations. The position involves exposure to serious and graphic injury to adults and children, including death and dismemberment. A high level of physical, mental, and emotional health is an essential requirement.


  • Maintaining appropriate mental focus and emotional stability to perform safety sensitive functions in high stress, traumatic, physically demanding, emotionally charged situations.
  • Reporting on time and regularly working scheduled shifts so as to not compromise the delivery of emergency medical care by the MAEMSA system.
  • Being available for on-call and overtime work required in emergencies and at other times as directed or assigned.
  • Lifting and moving patients, including morbidly obese patients.
  • Safely operating and maintaining an emergency vehicle.
  • Coach and educate partners of new and changing information as necessary.
  • Performing the Physical Requirements listed below.


  • Competently render both emergency pre-hospital care and care in connection with inter-facility transportation.
  • Maintain compliance with all safety requirements and applicable protocols.
  • Communicate clearly and compassionately with patients and loved ones.
  • Safely operate and maintain all equipment and tools relevant to position.
  • Proficient in use of Mapsco and routing software to minimize call response time.
  • Work efficiently and professionally with other MAEMSA team members.
  • Communicate effectively and professionally with other healthcare professionals.
  • Write clearly and efficiently and accurately document patient care and information.
  • Perform responsibly and act as team leader during management of a scene


  • Comply with all MedStar policies and procedures
  • Maintain a clean appearance, demonstrating courteous, professional and ethical behavior, as well as the ability to work cooperatively with other members of the EMS Health Care System
  • Utilize medical equipment, including cardiac monitor, oxygen and suction devices, CPR and other procedures and medications as required to provide basic medical care consistent with medical protocols.
  • Continually improve and upgrade skills and knowledge of the emergency medical profession through continuing education classes (12 lead courses, card classes, etc.)
  • Communicate information through the proper “chain of command”, to management and other employees of MedStar
  • Comply with local, state and regional emergency medical service operations, regulations, and laws
  • Accurately and completely document the required information on all required documentation required by MedStar, the Department of State Health Services and the Office of the Medical Director examples include logistics forms, employee injury reports, accident reports, incident reports, etc…
  • Comply with MedStar and Department of State Health Services requirements for continuing education and licensure.
  • Maintain ALL certifications as required by the Medical Director and MedStar
  • Communicate with Controllers to receive and understand call data provided as well as requesting additional resources or other needs in the field.
  • Attend and participate in all required continuing education/meetings of MedStar and/or the Medical Directors Office
  • Monitor and maintain the general condition of MedStar property, including but not limited to, vehicles, equipment, buildings and surrounding areas providing efficient and appropriate patient care, as well as to maintain the image of MedStar.
  • Participate in community programs to maintain MedStar’s image and establish strong community relations to include community programs sponsored by the police, fire departments and other external customers of MedStar.
  • Effectively function in the System Status Management System and have basic understanding of the system
  • Assess each call situation to determine best course of action and appropriate protocol.
  • Develop and utilize triage skills to provide optimal efficiency during calls.
  • Consider patient status and patient requests when determining transportation destinations.
  • Ensure confidentiality of medical and all other discretionary information.


Occasionally: Confined areas, extreme hot and cold, wet and/or humid conditions, noise, vibration, mechanical and electrical equipment, moving objects, high places, fumes/odors/mists, dirt and dust, gasses, toxic conditions, human excrement, blood, urine, mucous, tissue. Frequently works alone, with and around others, face to face and verbal contact, inside and outside temperature changes and other inclement weather conditions. Constantly shift work, with frequent extended day.


  • Lifting/carrying at least 125 lbs., pushing, pulling, typing, climbing, balancing, kneeling, stooping, bending, leaning, upper and lower body flexibility, running distance, driving ambulance, car or truck, multiple physical activities performed at the same time (driving, talking and seeing). Frequently hearing/listening, clear speech, touching, walking inside and outside, and sitting, occasionally smelling,


  • High School Diploma or GED equivalent
  • Completion of a qualified Paramedic program and acceptance for certification or licensure in the State of Texas and maintaining certification or licensure
  • Must not have been excluded by the OIG to Participate in Federally Funded Heath Care Programs
  • Maintain current Valid Texas Driver’s License
  • Maintain, on file, current and valid Paramedic Certification/License
  • Maintain, on file, current and valid ACLS certification
  • Maintain, on file, current and valid CPR (Health Care Provider minimum) certification.
  • Maintain, on file, current certification cards on all other skill based pay level to include the following:
    • Pediatric Card Course-PEPP, PALS, or EPC;
    • Trauma Card Course-ITLS or PHTLS
    • NIMS 100, 200, 700
  • Frequently lift and/or move more than 125 pounds including lifting, moving and carrying patients up and down stairs
  • Any other requirements as determined by the Office of the Medical Director


  • At least one year Paramedic 911 experience

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